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Monday, July 14, 2008

Marlee Matlin In the News!

I've morphed into Alice, the Maid. Academy Award-winning actress and "Dancing With the Stars" sensation Marlee Matlin is working on a memoir, scheduled to come out in 2009 and tentatively titled "I'll Scream Later. ""As a young girl, I imagined myself as Marcia Brady who just happened to be deaf, skating down the street saying hi to everyone I knew," said Matlin, 42, an Oscar winner in 1987 for "Children of a Lesser God. ".

"According to Simon Spotlight, the 42-year-old Matlin will confide about her "unresolved issues and battles with addiction and abuse, many of which she kept hidden from the public and her family. " She also will "delve into her loves and life in Hollywood," including such television shows as "Picket Fences," "The Practice" and "The West Wing. "Her previous books include a novel, "Deaf Child Crossing," and the young people's stories "Leading Ladies" and "Nobody's Perfect. Thirty-two years later, she is back with a whole new outlook on life.

Matlin is known for having been on Dancing With the Stars, a bunch of television shows and oh yeah, winning that Oscar back in 1987 for Children of a Lesser God. "But today, as a mom of four, I'm no longer Marcia. At 10 years old, Marlee performed in her first stage play, "The Wizard of Oz," at Center on Deafness in the north suburbs. Goodbye, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

Marlee Matlin made a strong impression with her unique dance skills. Matlin is 42 and has written other books, one being a novel called Deaf Child Crossing. "My life has certainly changed for the better since doing Dancing with the Stars," Matlin said. Marlee Matlin is writing a memoir whose title is I'll Scream Later, tentatively titled of course.

" Earlier this month, Chicago native Marlee Matlin came home to dance and raise money for the organization that helped give the skills to become a star.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

No More Marlee Matlin on Dancing With the Stars!

Well, I kinda saw this one coming. If you've been keeping up with the blog or watching the show you knew already that Marlee Matlin's performances on Dancing with the Stars were getting worse and last week Marlee Matlin was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. Not sure if the dances were getting harder or if she was just getting tired of the hard work required that was made even more difficult by her deafness. Either way, her performance last Monday was pretty bad, the judges didn't like it at all, and apparently America didn't either. With a resounding Good Bye she was voted off and now no more Marlee Matlin on Dancing With the Stars.

The competition continues however with favorite Kristi Yamaguchi, pre-season surprise Shannon Elizabeth, and Marissa from Broadway. Kristi Yamaguchi (not Christy Yamaguchi by the way) is still the favorite to win and is doing stellar work. I think this week we'll see another guy get the boot and as much as the ladies like him, I predicting it will be Christian. We'll see.

Take care and thanks for keeping up with Marlee Matlin on Dancing With the Stars here. Remember to watch the rest of the season on ABC Monday nights!